I love the frontier color

I love the frontier color.
I like white because it sings.
I like black because makes white sing.
I like the day and night.
I like the empty space more than the full space.
I like to take more than putting.
I like to keep quiet rather than to speak.
And… I like the ways of art.
Art as research.
Art as joy.
Art as suffering.
Art as color odor.
Art without color.
Art that answers to no one.
Few people answer to art.
Tying man with the art.
Freeing man with the art.
Art liar.
Exiled art.
Bitch art.
Simple art.
Art that it would be better if it did not exist.
Art that it would be better to invent it if it did not exist.
Art made by artists.
Artists that make art.
Failed artists.
Failed art.
Art as sweat.
Art without emotion.
Art as simplification of life.
Simplifying art.
Since many years I am looking for art.
I like making art.
I am not an artist.
I am a mediocre artist.
I am an artist.
Envious art.
Stupid art.
Intelligent art.
Misunderstood art.
Forgotten art.
Art as vital need.
Art as love.

        Ivano Gonzo