My painted life

My painting has always been more felt than seen. I painted using imagination and exactly for this I always felt free from external conditioning, without forcing, feeling the freedom of doing and creating.

My beginning was a very romantic painting, made of rural landscapes, the life in the fields, the memories of my youth.

The next period was not less interesting, I tried to eliminate from my painting any forcing and peculiarity that could disturb the artwork, once completed.

Then I searched the color and its contrast in a gestural way until the extreme limit; and I should say that this was very useful for the researches that were maturing in my mind: the abandonment of the color around the end of the ’80s, the search of a painting with very few tones, the gestural art, these are the processes which brought me to this very synthetic abstract art that is according to me the most concrete thing that could ever be.

Ivano Gonzo